Taking Manual Backup

  • You have the option to take the Broadcaster accounts backup anytime instantly instead of the scheduled time.

    To do so:

    1. From the Left pane, click Backup and Transfer to expand it.
      The following sub-sections display:

      1. Backup Configuration

      2. Backup Scheduling Status

      3. Restore Backup

      4. Manually Backup

      5. Transfer Tool

    1. Click Manually Backup.
      The Manually Backup section displays.

    It consists of the following areas:

    Broadcasters List

    Status for Last Manually Backup Task

    1. From Broadcasters list, check the desired Broadcaster name whose backup to be taken and click Copy.

    Check Username at the top to take backup for all Broadcaster accounts and click Copy.

    The system starts taking the backup for all the selected Broadcaster accounts.


    Once the backup process is completed, you can view the following statistics related to the last backup:

    • Start Date: The date and time when last backup was initiated.

    • Status: The status of the last backup.

    Preview Progress and Log: Lets you view the log file related to the last backup. To view the Log file, click View Log File. This functionality helps in troubleshooting.