November 27

Version 1.3.2

✅  Added : Link server nodes to the main server to control with all broadcasters in one server
✅  Added : Login logs for admin, broadcaster, reseller, and administrator portal
✅  Added : Video On Demand for embed your video file in a web sites
✅  Added : Add Show Video in preview page with cPanel servers
✅  Added : Watermark stream logo and VDO Panel directory options have been added to API

✔️  Update Geodatabase on the local server
✔️  Update stunnel to latest stable version 5.60 for improvement and fix bug

💖  Improvement: Set max 30 letters for Current Playlist value in broadcaster portal header
💖  Improvement: Change UI for shortcut Playlists Management style in File Manager page for more improvement
💖  Improvement: Improve get main server IP function

🖊️  Changed: Removed current login security for log out if IP changed to all logins type admin, resellers, supervisor, and broadcaster and improved other methods for security

🛠  Fixed: Fix bug in VDOPanel statistics
🛠  Fixed: Fix permissions in Social Stream pages and options
🛠  Fixed: Fix scroll bar issue with widgets code


November 01

Version 1.3.1

✅  Added:  Add youtube downloader feature to download videos to your filemanager on channels

✅  Added:   Add youtube feature to restream live from youtube on your channel directly

✅  Added:  WebTV Restream recording feature has been added under WebTV Management tab

✅  Added:  Drag and drop from file manager to playlist

✅  Added:  FTP info has been added and short cut from playlist management to file manager page

✅  Added:  Show duration time for videos for playlist and media files in Playlists Management and Playlist Scheduler and View List pages

✔️  Updated: Update Geodatabase on Local server

✔️  Updated: Update goaccess to latest version 1.5.2 for improvement and fix several bugs

✔️  Updated: Update Social Stream page with notes for how to use and active the service

💖  Improvement: Improve statistics with big files to work in cron job 2 time during the day and improve statistics loading

💖  Improvement: Change widget to be ifream and few code and one line to be more easy for clients and works without problem or conflict

🖊️  Changed: Changed admin login url to /portal

🖊️  Changed: Added colors for each login page [ admin - reseller - administrators - broadcaster ] for distinguish

🖊️  Changed: Set default page for main url instead of admin login form

🖊️  Changed: Default playlist in Scheduler not be longer set auto after delete it or delete any nonstop playlist scheduler from Playlist Scheduler page

🛠  Fixed: Fix ffmpeg issue in Centos8 for restreaming from URL feature

🛠  Fixed: Fix broadcaster portal logo in file manager page if was under reseller will appear reseller logo

🛠  Fixed: Fix several bugs in reset passwords functions

🛠  Fixed:  On Centos7 removed static ffmpeg and removed from yum and install ffmpeg 4.2.4 by compile source


September 23

Version 1.3.0

✅  Added: Multiple and Adaptive Bitrate for WebTV and Live from encoders as optional for admin and resellers

✅  Added:  Upgrade FFMPEG to version 4.4 to improve the streaming process and fix the issue with Centos7

✅  Added: VDOPanel directory feature became optional while adding resellers

✔️  Updated: Update Geodatabase on Local server

✔️  Updated: Update BillingLimits, Broadcaster Profile, and Reseller Profile pages

✔️  Updated: VDOPanel API updated with new features options

✔️  Updated: A lot of old features has been updated and improvement

💖  Improvement: Improve clear logs function to clear and reset domains-errors.log file when it becomes large

💖  Improvement: Improve email templates and variables and easy new macros

💖  Improvement: Improve load-balancer when removing the server from balance

🛠  Fixed: Fix error in restore backup feature and improve other backup processes

🛠  Fixed: Fix permissions for some of WebTV pages

🛠  Fixed: Fix main NGINIX config file with load-balancer vhosts with the old installation

🛠  Fixed: Fix email notification issue for send 6 times with the same alert


September 16

Version 1.2.8

✅  Fixed : Critical Security Issue


August 17

Version 1.2.7

✅  Added: Load Balance for VDO Panel geo balance and load balance by weights

✅  Added: New email templates builder added to admin for advanced options

✅  Added: Tag system

✅  Added: Get support tab has been added in admin portal for VDO Panel important URLs and info

✔️  Updated: Update Geodatabase on local Server

✔️  Updated: Update License configuration page with additional info and improve it

✔️  Updated: Update Check Update page to add Update Timeline Link for VDO Panel in admin portal

💖  Improvement: Improve some of the main system work centos7 and centos8

💖  Improvement: Improve some of the vars in Romanian and French language file

🖊️  Changed: Reseller API request changed to send name instead of id

🖊️  Changed: Broadcaster clock on the top right changed to show time zone time not user pc clock time

🖊️  Changed: Supervisors has been changed to Administrators in the admin portal

🛠  Fixed: Fix bitrate value limit issue when creating an account in UI with 288kps

🛠  Fixed: Fix Hybrid player pages issue with CORS error

🛠  Fixed: Fix restore login passwords from email expired or invalid URL issue

🛠  Fixed: Watermark logo added missing files

🛠  Fixed: Fix question mark issue in video files name was cause errors


July 08

Version 1.2.6

✅  Added: Direct m3u8 and RTMP link for hybrid streaming

✅  Added: IP locked to lock your stream to specific IPs

✅  Added: Clear chat buttons on chat option page

✅  Added: More control for watermark logo on WebTV streaming for change position and size

✅  Added: Stop WebTV Scheduler button added to Playlist Scheduler to stop or start your WebTV stream

✅  Added: In Stop Broadcasting page added note for who services will stop

✅  Added: the Czech language has been added and updates other languages file with new vars

✅  Added: Trial license for 7 days has been added for any new instalation auto

✔️  Updated: Upgrade goaccess for statistics to latest version and improve GeoIP location database

✔️  Updated: Update Geodatabase on local server

💖  Improvement: Improve license check and more mirrors

💖  Improvement: Viewers limit restriction has been improved

🖊️  Changed : In WebTV department change name Jingle to Commercial

🛠  Fixed: The playlist scheduler priority issue has been fixed

🛠  Fixed: Fix detection for manual backup files in Restore Backup

🛠  Fixed: page on Cpanel servers, so backup files will appear now vdo-user.tar.gz

🛠  Fixed: Fix bandwidth suspend and cron issue with Cpanel servers

🛠  Fixed: Fix playlist scheduler priority issue

🛠  Fixed: Fix error in a file manager with the files name contain hash sign

🛠  Fixed: Fix some of the language vars and added to language files

🛠  Fixed: Fix issue in domain lock UI in domain list input

🛠   Fixed: Fix issue in domain lock UI in domain list input


June 03

Version 1.2.5

✅ Added : Chat system for broadcasters player pages
✅ Added : Add API for reseller system (create - update - suspend - unsuspend - delete - login)
✅ Added : When reseller use his own domain for branding all broadcasters under it will use reseller domain if broadcaster not use his own domain
✅ Added : Add custom streaming to account profile info pages
✅ Added : Added new laravel packages and update all current packages for latest versions

✔️ Updated : Update Geo database on local server

🖊️ Changed : Replace (VDOPanel Statistics) with (Channel Statistics) in goaccess full statistics page
🖊️ Changed : Replace (your VDOPanel server device location is) with (your streaming server device location is) in Twitch Streaming tab

🛠 Fixed : Fix login as admin issue from WHMCS
🛠 Fixed : Fix error500 in restore backup and manual backup pages when permissions deny for directories
🛠 Fixed : Fix branding domain in broadcaster for rebuild http config and other bug in watermark logo permission
🛠 Fixed : Fix API for broadcaster license type

💖 Improvement : VDOPanel will be faster browsing and improve license check
💖 Improvement : WHMCS API validation errors will show what specific validation required
💖 Improvement : VDOPanel cronjob has been improved


April 27

Version 1.2.4

✅ Added : Live and WebTV standard audio with new audio player has been added to VDOpanel
✅ Added : New files types has been added mp3, avi, flv to file manager and streaming
✅ Added : Audio player support video files also as stream sound only without picture
✅ Added : Simulcasting custom restream for social media stream feature
✅ Added : Transmission setting for more control to change broadcaster bitrate manually for channe
✅ Added : Add unlimited bitrate for Maximum Bitrate option, now you can play videos 2K and 4K resolution and more
✅ Added : New audio URL pages has been added in Quick Links page and new 3 audio taps in Widgets page
✅ Added : Domain Locking feature has been added to lock stream on your domains
✅ Added : Broadcaster branding logo option control to enable or disable by admin when create and edit accounts
✅ Added : Broadcaster access to directory.vdopanel.com option control to enable or disable by admin when create and edit accounts

✔️ Updated : Update Geo database on local server

🖊️ Changed : When delete Scheduler playlist not runing will not kill WebTV stream process
🖊️ Changed : API password validation for create broadcaster changed to 10 letters instead of 12 to compatible with whmcs module

🛠 Fixed : Fix restore backup if account under reseller not exists
🛠 Fixed : Fix countries list online now - (No data found) message was unstable and added to language file
🛠 Fixed : Fix transmission bitrate limit for WebTV
🛠 Fixed : Fix playlist reorder bug

💖 Improvement : WHMCS Module password validation fixed.
💖 Improvement : WHMCS Updated as per current changes.


March 29

Version 1.2.3

🛠 Fixed : Daily playlist not start at the time has been fixed

🛠 Fixed : Edit Playlist Scheduler can not update because validation issue has been fixed


March 17

Version 1.2.2

✅ Added : Live real time map update without page refresh for viewers and country (in admin panel and broadcaster panel)
✅ Added : Schedule stream on simulcasting (social media relay) for WebTV or Hybrid broadcaster type
✅ Added : Custom restream relay for RTMP and M3U8
✅ Added : Play Jingle every X seconds

⚙️ Updated : Update PHP to 7.4
⚙️ Updated : Software all vendor packages updated
⚙️ Updated : Add new vars for all language files

💖 Improvement : RTMP password auth change api url to local ip its more faster and stable

🖋 Changed : Broadcasters list for admin and reseller removed description from action buttons and added as title
🖋 Changed : Show 50 account list default at broadcaster list and video statics page under broadcaster panel
🖋 Changed : Record option available only for Hybrid type for broadcasters
🖋 Changed : Current Video and Current Playlist available only for Hybrid and WebTV type for broadcasters
🖋 Changed : Branding logo watermark option available only for Hybrid and WebTV type for broadcasters
🖋 Changed : All vdopanel default URL in mail templates has been removed

🛠 Fixed : Oneshot Playlist Scheduler end time issue
🛠 Fixed : Change time zone for admin panel has been fixed
🛠 Fixed : Stop current Live Stream process after suspend broadcaster immediately
🛠 Fixed : Playlist mode (Shuffle and Sequential) current status set correct


February 13

Version 1.2.1

✅ Added : Support more language (Hebrew)
✅ Added : Supervisors full system and permissions to manage (resellers - broadcasters) instead of admin login
✅ Added : Historical reporting and statistics for broadcasters (integrations with goaccess)
✅ Added : Viewers on world map for admin and broadcaster dashboard panel
✅ Added : Which video played and how many times include from which country
✅ Added : Easy way to update vdopanel software from admin panel GUI for users who do not have knowledge with SSH
✅ Added : Simulcasting dailymotion for social media stream feature

✅ Updated : Local server Geo database updated
✅ Changed : Allow special characters for login passwords
✅ Changed : Remove vdopanel.com url from email templates header logo
✅ Changed : Update style for checkbox and radio for all pages contain it
✅ Changed :Social Stream page server location in Twitch tabe changed to get from vdopanel local geoip instead of outgoing limited API

✅ Fixed : Security critical bug
✅ Fixed : Create playlist if other broadcaster user use same name
✅ Fixed : Removed spaces in some of inputs in UI (Social Stream page - Backup Config page for remote host)
✅ Fixed : Reseller create broadcaster accounts issue and other bugs
✅ Fixed : Real time Visits Chart fix static counter for viewers so will show correctly and chart will increase auto and added time to chart
✅ Fixed : Missing software config files on cPanel servers for new installation (it was copied on wrong path)
✅ Fixed : Add backup and transfer progress and log to languages files
✅ Fixed : Change bitrates value description in UI from mbit to kbps
✅ Fixed : Notification for storage limit for broadcaster fixed and updated
✅ Fixed : End time for scheduler daily and oneshot playlist if nonstop playlist not exists


January 12

Version 1.2.0

✅ Improvement : Getting public IP for the Server if Used local IP in Case NAT Settings

✅ Improvement : Widgets Code Now is Responsive for Player

✅ Fixed: Create Reseller Account Issue


January 07

Version 1.1.9

✅ Added : Support CentOS 8

✅ Added : Support more languages

✅ Added : Create playlists as jingle video played each X videos

✅ Added : Stream Recording for Live streaming

✅ Added : Twitch and Periscope for Social Media Relay

✅ Added : Support new video extension type .flv

✅ Added : Change and update player pages background

✅ Added : Update VDOPanel API for new features for WHMCS module

✅ Improvement : Hybrid player to be fast when switch from live to webTV

✅ Improvement : Update nginx for new installation and current VDOPanel servers

✅ Changed : New tab Live Broadcasting for (Security Setting - Recorder Setting)

✅ Changed : Update (Billing and Limits - Profile Info) pages

✅ Fixed: Completed missing content under Quick Links page

✅ Fixed : Delete playlist file on server storage after delete playlist from panel


December 22

Version 1.1.8

✅ Added : Support cPanel servers

✅ Added : Add and support multiple language (Arabic - English - French - German - Greek - Italian - Persian - Polish - Romanian - Russian - Spanish - Turkish - Chinese)

✅ Improvement : ffmpeg process and connection

✅ Improvement : file manager work

✅ Improvement : nginx and webserver work

✅ Fix : backup functions

✅ Fix : bugs and Improvement hybrid player


November 29

Version 1.1.7

♥ Bug fixed and performance improvement.



November 24

Version 1.1.6

♥ Added : Directory list for broadcasters channel.

♥ Fixed: File manager multi select.

♥ Fixed : One-shot scheduler playlist.

♥ Changed : New tab "WebTV Management" for (File Manager - Playlists Management - Playlist Scheduler) in broadcaster panel.

♥ Changed : New tab "Utilities" for (Quick Links - Widgets - Branding - Geo Settings - Directory List) in broadcaster panel.


November 17

Version 1.1.5

♥ Added new option for live streaming from PC to allow connect with RTMP password auth and set it as a default and added copy buttons.

♥ Update Quick Links page with more data for new RTMP auth and added copy buttons and more.

♥ Improvement Viewer Limits counter for admin and broadcaster.

♥ Added new option Service Control for broadcaster panel to restart, stop, start service streaming.

♥ Improvement scheduler playlist work.

♥ Improvement and fix file manager functions.

♥ Improvement ffmpeg with RTMP service.

♥ Fix alias domains option in admin panel.


November 14

Version 1.1.4

♥ Added: New option for live streaming from PC to allow connect with RTMP password auth and set it as a default and added copy buttons.

♥ Updated : Quick Links page with more data for new rtmp auth and added copy buttons and more.

♥ Improvement Viewer Limits counter for admin and broadcaster


November 11

Version 1.1.3

♥ Added full backup system (scheduling - manually - restore local, remote and manually backup)

♥ Added transfer tool to migrate broadcasters accounts from VDOpanel to VDOpanel server

♥ Added restart service to admin panel

♥ Added reorder option for sequential playlist video files

♥ Fix login issue for broadcasters

♥ Improvement ffmpeg with RTMP service


October 17

Version 1.1.2

✅ Improvement ffmpeg process with WebTV stream.

✅ Add .webm video extention for WebTV stream and file manager

✅ Improvement clear system logs files auto

✅ Fix bug in daily and oneshot scheduler

✅ Seurity Issue Fix


October 13

Version 1.1.1

✅ Fully Branded Reseller system.

✅ SSL auto renew.

✅ Social Media Streaming (Live Relay on Facebook and YouTube)

✅ Update timeline and change log in the update page when available new update.

✅ Account Type, Owner and Account Setup Date for broadcasters list.

♥ Fix broadcaster panel logo will take same logo uploaded by admin.

♥ Allow local server IP and public server IP to local streaming.

♥ Fix bitrate resolution


September 17

Version 1.1.0

✅ 1st Version Released



August 10

Beta Version

✅ Beta Version Relesed