VDO Panel Version 1.4.0 Released

  • Today, We’re happy to announce the release of VDO Panel (Video Streaming Control Panel): Version 1.4.0 Released.

    Major Update Included in Version 1.4.0

     ?  Added: New language Dutch has been added
     ?  Added: Enable and Disable in SMTP feature and add non-encryption option
     ?  Added: Multi-select files in playlist management
     ?  Added: YouTube downloader now support download playlists in right way and improves functions
     ?  Added: More info in the System Info page

     ?  Updated: Updated Geo database on the local server
     ?  Updated: Update VDOPanel Laravel packages to the latest versions
     ?  Updated: Self-signed crt for IP

     ?  Improvement : Restart and stop channels functions have been improved  
     ?  Improvement: Playlist Scheduler now accepts the start next playlist in the same end date for the previous
     ?  Improvement: The upgrade function has been improved and solved (exists update process running now) issue
     ?  Improvement: Convert Enable TLS, Enable SSL and Non-encryption to radio input to select one only from them
     ?  Improvement: Other several functions have been improved

     ?  Fixed: The issue of not showing VDOPanel version has been fixed in the admin portal
     ?  Fixed: Multi-bitrate issue with live stream
     ?  Fixed: Real-time chart appears now same time zone not different
     ?  Fixed: Hybrid player with multi-bitrate enabled will work but with single bitrate
     ?  Fixed: Random error 500 appears when creating new broadcaster
     ?  Fixed: VDOPanel player not working with some of the google chrome browsers
     ?  Fixed: Other several bugs have been fixed