VDO Panel Version 1.3.9 Released

  • Today, We’re happy to announce the release of VDO Panel (Video Streaming Control Panel): Version 1.3.9 Released.

    Major Update Included in Version 1.3.9

    ? Added : Set keyframe rate to the stream for improvement stream work
    ? Added : Fix quota script for all users auto and as manual VDO Panel command

    ? Updated : Updated Geodatabase on the local server
    ? Updated : Update PHPMyAdmin to the latest version when installed and improvement function
    ? Updated : Update VDO Panel Laravel packages to the latest versions

    ? Improvement : Optimize most of the VDO Panel functions to reduce server load to be more stable
    ? Improvement : Improve bandwidth functions
    ? Improvement : Improve change port functions
    ? Improvement : Improve VDO Panel SSL functions
    ? Improvement : Improve VDO Panel backend functions
    ? Improvement : Exclude tmp folder from the backup in the update process

    ? Fixed : Bug for database backup in the update process
    ? Fixed : Social media relay errors like Facebook and Youtube with key frame rate too low and improved
    ? Fixed : Fix high load issue when changing user type from WebTV or hybrid to Livestream only who used WebTV running process


    To Apply Update

    Login to your server via SSH Root login is a requirement, the installation will not function if you are not logged in as root or have sufficient sudo privileges.

    Now Run the following command:

    vdopanel update

    Apply New Update from admin GUI Portal

    As always, all kinds of feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you, enjoy.