VDO Panel Version 1.3.3 Released

  • Today, We’re happy to announce the release of VDO Panel (Video Streaming Control Panel): Version 1.3.3 Released.

    Major Update Included in Version 1.3.3

    ?  Added : Loadbalancing now support multi bitrate feature
    ?  Added : VOD [ Video on Demand ] tab has been added to broadcasters portal
    ?  Added : More control in branding watermark logo on stream for horizontal and vertical control
    ?  Added : Direct url for fullscreen embed player in embed page
    ?  Added : Autoplay option for video players (in player pages, widgets and embed player)
    ?  Added : In embedded video player add fast and slow option with forward and back 5 seconds buttons
    ?  Added : Convert Tool under WebTV tab to convert video files to mp4 type compatible with vdopanel
    ?  Added : More video extensions type has been added to File Manager dropzone uploader
    ?  Added : New button convert to mp4 has been added to File Manager page

    ? Updated : Geodatabase on local server
    ? Updated : WHMCS Module Updated

    ?  Improvement : Check space usage for broadcaster before download from youtube, record live, record restream and file manager
    ?  Improvement : Loadbalancing installations and other functions
    ?  Improvement : Embed player to protect right click for save as the videos
    ?  Improvement : File manager uploading progress bar and add more info for available free space

    ?  Changed : Embed URL has been changed
    ?  Changed : Sorting login logs by date instead of IP

    ?  Fixed : Custom stream validation to not use rtmps urls
    ?  Fixed : Bug in server nodes feature when add new server and add timeout settings
    ?  Fixed : Bg in restore backup function
    ?  Fixed : Add broadcaster permissions to the embed page
    ?  Fixed : Bug in restream recorder feature
    ?  Fixed : NGINIX memory leak causing stop nginx service when appear active status
    ?  Fixed : Suspend function with multi stream accounts type


    To Apply Update

    Login to your server via SSH Root login is a requirement, the installation will not function if you are not logged in as root or have sufficient sudo privileges.

    Now Run the following command:

    vdopanel update


    As always, all kinds of feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you, enjoy.