• People will add your audio stream to their players via the streaming URL. Instead of just sending out the streaming URL, you may brand it with something unique to your business. Then you can effortlessly take your branding to the next level and get more people to notice it. When you are using the Everest Panel, you can quickly brand the URLs as per the preferences that you have.

    To brand a streaming URL, you just need to add A Record into it. By doing this, you will be able to rebrand either the streaming URL or the login URL for your broadcasters and resellers. In case if you are having multiple hosting websites, you will be able to have a rebranded URL for each website as well. However, you will still be having a single server to generate all those URLs.

    Along with the help of this business, you can have multiple Radio stream broadcasts at a time on different websites. People who view them would notice that all their content is coming from the same server. That’s because you have uniquely branded all the URLs. This is one of the most impressive features available in the Everest Panel to expand your business efforts.