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For Web TV & Live TV Channels Automation. Designed for Video Streaming Hosting Providers and Broadcasters.

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Let's take your Streaming to the next level

We will help you to take your streaming efforts to the next level by offering a top-notch Video Streaming Control Panel. You will never encounter any challenges with streaming while you are using the VDO Panel.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Video Streaming environments are constantly evolving. VDO Panel stays in-step with today’s most sophisticated solutions.


7-day Free Trial!

Try our software license free for a week and if you liked our software then only go for the Regular License Price & Registration Process.

Multilangual Interface

Manage your languages easily. VDO Panel provides the ability to install a new language pack for your interface with just a few clicks.


Key Features for Broadcaster, Internet TV Operators

We offer helpful and advanced features for broadcasters and Internet TV operators. You can manage your broadcasts efficiently while ensuring productivity with the help of VDO Panel.

Web TV & Live TV Channels Automation

Our Web TV and Live TV Channels automation feature will help you to stream like a professional. We provide an engaging platform that can help you to overcome manual work and experience the benefits of automation.

Other Key Features...
  • Drag & Drop File Uploader
  • Powerful Playlist Manager
  • Download videos from YouTube and Restream from YouTube Live
  • Commercial Video
  • GeoIP, IP & Domain Locking
  • HTTPS Streaming (SSL Streaming Link)
  • Multi-Bitrate Streaming
  • Simulcasting to Social Media Scheduler
  • Chat System

Simulcasting to Social Media

VDO Panel allows you to simulcast your TV stream to multiple platforms without any restrictions. They include Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, DailyMotion, and Twitch. It is up to you to pick a platform based on your preferences.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR)

Adaptive Bitrate streaming offers dynamic TV streaming capabilities to you. This is one of the best reasons to fall in love with the VDO Panel. The video stream will still contain a single URL, but it will continue to stream the video in different formats.

Advanced Analytics

As a broadcaster, you will always be interested in understanding how many people watch your TV streams and whether the figures are satisfactory or not. When you regularly go through statistics, you can also see whether the figures are increasing or not. VDO Panel allows you have convenient access to all statistics and reports that you need to know.

Advanced Playlists Scheduler

Now you can schedule a playlist as per the specific needs you have. There is no need to go through a challenging experience to schedule the playlist. We provide an easy-to-use interface, which you can use to schedule a playlist of your choice in a breeze.

Watermark logo for Video Player

VDO Panel allows you to add up to one logo and show that as a watermark in the video stream. You have the freedom to pick any logo and use it as a watermark. You will be able to position that prominently within the video that you stream.

Website Integration Widgets

One of the best things about website integration widgets is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of copying and pasting codes into the source code of the website. You just need to integrate the widget, without making any alternations to the code.

Multilingual Support
(14 Languages)

VDO Panel offers multilingual support to its users in 18 languages. The supported languages include English, Arabic, German, French, Persian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Chinese, and Turkish.

Key Features For Hosting Providers

Key Features For Hosting Providers

Are you a stream hosting provider or do you wish to start a new business with offering stream hosting service? Then you should take a look at our Video Streaming Control Panel. VDO Panel provides you a single dashboard, where you can create individual accounts and reseller accounts with ease. Then you can configure those accounts by adding bitrate, bandwidth, space, and bandwidth as per the preferences of your clients and sell them.

  • Free NGINX Video Server

    NGINX RTMP is the NGINX module, which is providing you the chance to add HLS and RTMP streaming to the media server. As a TV streamer, you already know that this is one of the most popular streaming protocols that you can discover in an HLS Streaming Server.

  • WHMCS Billing Automation

    VDO Panel offers WHMCS Billing Automation for all the people who use the hosting service. It is the leading billing and web hosting management software available out there.

  • Compatible with CentOS 7, CentOS 8 stream, CentOS 9 stream, Rocky Linux 8, Rocky Linux 9, AlmaLinux 8, AlmaLinux 9, Ubuntu 20, Ubuntu 22, Debian 11 & cPanel Installed Servers

    DP Panel offers video streaming hosting based on Linux CentOS 7, CentOS 8 stream, CentOS 9 stream, Rocky Linux 8, Rocky Linux 9, AlmaLinux 8, AlmaLinux 9, Ubuntu 20, Ubuntu 22 and Debian 11 servers as well as Compatible with cPanel Installed Server.

  • Load-Balancing & Geo-Balancing

    VDO Panel also offers geographical load balancing or geo-balancing to the Hosting Providers. We know that our video streamers are streaming content to viewers all around the world. We provide an efficient streaming experience to them with the help of the geo-balancing system.

  • Stand-Alone Control Panel
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Centralized Administration
  • Advance Reseller System
  • Easy URL Branding
  • Real-Time Resources Monitor
  • Multiple License Types
  • Free Install/Upgrade Services
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How We Work ?

Enthusiastically engage cross-media leadership skills for alternative experiences. Proactively drive vertical systems than intuitive architectures.

work process
  • Step 1

    Listen Client's Feedback

    We will initially get in touch with you and get to know about your requirement in detail.

  • Step 2

    System Development and Execution

    Upon understanding the requirement, we will code it and deploy on the servers.

  • Step 3

    Product Testing

    Upon deployment on the servers, we will do extensive product testing and ensure proper functionality.

  • Step 4

    Deliver the Final Product, Release Update

    Once testing is completed, we will deliver your final product. If there are any further changes, we will send them as updates.

Why go with
VDO Panel?

VDO Panel is the most advanced streaming panel that you can find out there as of now. It is possible for you to use this control panel and stream content efficiently and effectively.


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Happy customer in worldwide


Our Customer customer satisfaction score

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Release Notes

VDO Panel Version 1.4.7 Released

February 12, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of the VDO Panel (Video Streaming Control Panel) version 1.4.7. This new version includes several enhancements and bug fixes, making it easier for

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What They Say About Us

We are happy to see positive comments coming on our way from our thrilled customers. See what they say about VDO Panel.

Petr Maléř
I am 100% satisfied with the products, the speed of the system and the quality of processing is at a very high level. I recommend both EverestCast and VDO panel to everyone.
Burell Rodgers
Everestcast does it again. This product is perfect for our company. The TV Channel Automation Advanced Playlist Scheduler and multiple Social Media stream is just a few of the many high-end features of this awesome software.
We are happy to be with this company and now representing in the Dominican Republic through us in Spanish offering streaming and with good support and more that we have good communications with them.
Dave Burton
Excellent platform to host my radio stations with fast customer service responses. Highly recommended.
Great media products and easy to use.


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