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Publish Date: Jul 20 2021

After our latest version 1.2.6 Released our Floor is Open for the New Feature Request & Bug Report.

Please let us know your expected feature & Bug report for VDO Panel.
  • Marco Antonio Diógenes Jul 20 2021

    auto login ...Uhhhh

  • Jesus Bolaño Jul 20 2021

    Auto login ...

  • gaby gaby Jul 21 2021

    restream hybrid

  • Robinson Mejia Jul 21 2021

    Adaptive Bitrate Streaming is one of the most important options since there are viewers who have different internet speeds.

  • Petr Maléř Jul 25 2021

    Adaptive bitrate is one of the most important options my customer requires

  • Gustavo Kost Aug 18 2021

    Adaptive Bitrate Streaming